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Rob Stock, Business Reporter from the Sunday Star Times stated that in the volatility of today’s financial markets "forestry as an investment isn’t flashy but it’s solid".

In the March 22, 2009 edition he wrote "Forestry sturdy in stormy climate".

The article goes on to say...

"Investors sickened by the volatility of investments could find a little solace in the green and placid woodlands of a forestry investment.

"Although [stock market] share prices may have plummeted, the trees investors planted across the country just carry on growing, and with harvest more than a decade away for most, the financial turmoil of today means little to those pondering the value of their holdings.

"Rowan Kearns, from Nelson-based Forestlands, said “with trees, people were investing in something solid, and Forestlands, which is just raising capital for its 15th forestry investment, had an ‘open gate’ policy under which any investor could go and view their land and trees at any time. Our investors can go and have a look at the trees. They can see them, touch them, sit under them and have a picnic.”

"But even as other investments imploded, the media was paying little attention to forestry. “Their biggest downfall is that they are not flashy and they are not pretentious”. Neither did they pay commission to financial advisers.

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